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Highest Quality Postal Scales and Postage Computing Scales 
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Highest Quality Postal Scales and Postage Computing Scales


Thank you for your purchase of an electronic scale from us. 

To enjoy your purchase please take the time to read this technical guide BEFORE you use the scales

The following general information will help you better comprehend the operation as well as the maintenance of electronic scales.  Most scale problems can be trouble-shooted by applying the precautions as described below. Some points may not apply to your scale in particular.

1.  Check the scale batteries (only on models which have batteries) . Batteries are usually the cause of non-working scales.  A scale does not weigh properly when running on low voltage.  Regularly replace the scale batteries with high quality Alkaline Batteries.  Take note that batteries run low when stored for a long time.  Many scales returned by customers have simply dead or low batteries. Try to plug in the adapter (some Scales come with free Adapter),  check if the scale still works. If yes, your batteries are low and need to be replaced. Please only use the adapter which was delivered with the scale. The Glass-top scale has a battery protector – it needs to be pulled out for the scale to work. Do not use ELANE scales with any non ELANE supplied AC adapter – our wiring is different than most other consumer products. If you require a replacement adapter,  please contact us – we sell cheaper than Dick Smith. If you require replacement batteries for any of our scales, you can order from us, we are cheaper than retail and our batteries are always kept refrigerated.

2.  Check the scale temperature. On some higher cost scales we have temperature compensation in the load cell and electronics which are not much affected by temperature changes– but the following are basic guide lines for any electronic measurement equipment.

Too high or too low temperature negatively affects scale performance.  Scales are at their best in room temperature from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. (18 to 25 Degrees C)  If it is cold and its temperature is below 65, the error tolerance increases.  When this happens, the weight may drift.  It increases or decreases noticeably. Scales perform better when in a stable temperature environment.  If you take a scale from one temperature location to a location with a different temperature – plug in the scale with the adapter and leave it on for about 30 minutes for the scale parts to reach a temperature equilibrium.

3.  Do not overload.  Majority of scale errors come from overloading.  Each scale has its rated capacity and all our scales do have mechanical overload protection which stops the movement of the load cell in case of overload..  If the weight placed on the scale platform is much more than its capacity, the load cell can be deformed and cause great damage to the scale.  All load cells can be destroyed by overloading.  Always take note of this information when putting your scale anywhere – in your bag, back pocket or inside cabinets.. But a strong hit, we call this a dynamic overload, can still cause damages to the crystal structure of the load cell. On scale with high resolution and small capacity, e.g. pocket scales and counting scales, please do not use your fingers or hand to press on  the platform to “test” the scale – better add an object such as a pen, paperclip or small weight to test the function of the scale. When affixing the platform on some scales - do not press hard - just place the platform gently in place.

4.  Do not mishandle.  A great number of scale errors come from mishandling.  Scales can be dropped or banged around when transported.  Precision is a major characteristic of scales.  Thus, each has its own set of delicate sensors that can be affected by such pressure due to mishandling.  When trying to mail, ship or transport a scale; be sure it it is packed well and no pressure is on the platform.  If you are shipping the adapter – please wrap the adapter in bubble wrap or similar material so that it will not bang on the scale during shipping.

5.  Put on a flat and stable surface. A scale will not read and weigh accurately on uneven or unstable ground.  This has to be considered greatly when the scale is calibrated.  If a scale is calibrated unstably, consequently, its readings will all be based on inaccurate information.  Even sound itself contributes to an unstable environment.  Sound can cause vibrations that affect the scale reading. Another source is error is draft – high resolution scales are very sensitive and you can test this by blowing on the platform – so if you operate the scale in any sort of drafts from aircon, fans or open window you may want to construct some sort of a windshield or move the scale to another draft free location. 

6.  Don’t operate near electronic devices. Cellular phones, computers and radios cause electrical disturbances.  These are electro magnetic fields, which may affect scales in varying degrees.  Electronic instruments pick up such interference from up to 15 feet away.  This is especially true with wireless equipment (WIFI) and cellular phones.  If you want to use such electronic devices, they have to be operated at least 10 feet away from an operating scale. 

7. Calibration. All scales are pre-calibrated at the factory and usually do not require any calibration. However, each location in the world has a different “gravity”  - the force the earth is applying to pull the item on the platform. If you wish to recalibrate the scale to increase your accuracy please refer to the Calibration instructions on our website and please do not attempt the calibration unless you have a weight set or the required (sometimes supplied calibration weight) Exceed model Scales can be remotely calibrated through our webserver. www.elane.net , www.scales-r.us 

8. Small weights and small weight increments  Due to the nature of digital processing and automatic Zero software there is a minimum add-on weight specified – otherwise the software will interpret the small add on as a Zero drift – this is similar to mechanical scales where a minimum weight add on is required to overcome friction. The way around this is to add more by touching the platform slightly to fool the software into recognizing a larger weight change and it will settle back to the correct amount once the additional force is removed. Please note the specifications – minimum weight is usually a little larger than the resolution of the scale, minimum add-on weight is larger than the resolution of the scale. You can order upon request a different data chip with the Zero Compensation turned off for a small fee.

9. Postal Scale Rate Changes (postage computing scales only)  -  Postal rates change as determined by the postal authority. Our scales can be equipped with a new data-chip which then will update the scales to the latest rates. Some scales can be updated via the internet. Please check our websites for more information and instructions.

10. Interface -  Some scales have a connector for Interface to the PC – if you wish to connect the scale to the PC you can purchase this interface cable from us. DO NOT use any other cable as the wiring is non standard and in some cases some electronics is inside the cable to facilitate the interface protocol.

11. Lost Manual – You can download and print a spare manual from our websites - try this link.

12. Quality and Warranty -  Our scales sold on ebay may be new or maybe production overruns on large orders which we handle for large customers. The scales are brand new, but may have been repaired off the production line  or may have minor fixes on the circuit board or other ”inside” parts. This is the reason we are selling them at 1/3 the normal retail price for the product and our warranty is as follows:

Postage Computing Scales, PSXXXX Weight Scales, ELANE branded Scales 1 year

Warranty on Postal Rate Changes:  If the Postoffice changes rates within 90 days of purchase the original buyer qualifies for a free update (chip or download code) – there is however a postage and handling charge for the free chip.

13. Returns   -  We do not accept returns COD or without Authorization – you must request a Return Authorization before shipping the scale back for repair, warranty or other reasons. If the return is a warranty issue we cheerfully will refund you postage cost and pay the postage to return the repaired or exchanged product. Do not return any merchandize to any other than prescribed address. Do not send any merchandize to our China office – the customs clearance is US$50.00

If this guide doesn’t address your concern, please send email to  for more customer support.




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USA Postal Service Rate Change effective
January 2020

Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

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